“Dominican Oaks has been great about making sure there are plenty of safe, small group activities that our parents can attend safely in their community. My sister and I laugh at the idea that they have more going on than we do as we shelter in place at home! It is very reassuring for us to know that they are safe, having fun and well taken care of.”
– Cathi Hill & Susan House

“The family has been very happy with how Dominican Oaks has handled the COVID pandemic… it has not been easy for anyone, but knowing Mom is in a safe place and away from the virus has meant everything to our family. Thank you Dominican Oaks for your commitment to the safety of all your residents, especially Mom!”
– Gizelle Sipin

“Moving to Santa Cruz and Dominican Oaks was a huge change for my mother, but she adapted better than I even hoped for thanks in large to the dedicated staff. During the COVID 19 pandemic, staff has done a wonderful job looking out for the safety of their residents. She has told me she feel comfortable knowing that this is the best place she can possibly be and I feel the same. I’d like to send a big thank you to the staff of Dominican Oaks for a job well done.”
– Judy Appleby